Certification by LIBERO ASSURANCE.The quality index is a decisive factor for any modern company and AKARPORT has passed the most demanding and internationally recognized quality controls. Keeping the environment clean is everyone's business and our company guarantees that it complies with all necessary regulations. For this reason we consider it our moral obligation to publish the following quality checks that we pass from time to time.
  1. Quality Assurance. Quality services and continuous efforts to improve are mandatory for the company as well as daily care for its staff. AKARPORT has established a Quality Management System and meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2015. Akarport is certified by LIBERO ASSURANCE.
  2. Management of Dangerous Goods. Treaty of SEVEZO. The facilities of NAVIPE Platygiali of Astakos have all the required licenses in accordance with the National and European legislation, for storage, loading and unloading products which are classified as dangerous according to Directives 67/548/EC. All the necessary measures have been provided for the control of the most important accidents related to dangerous substances in accordance with Directive 2003/105/EC (SEVEZO II Directive).
  3. Border Inspection Point, so-called BIP (Border Inspection Point). A special area for veterinary and Plant Controls has been approved within the company’s facilities.
  4. Environmental Study. AKARPORT has an approved environmental study by the relevant Ministries, and meets all relevant environmental conditions.



AKARPORT S.A, was founded in 2000 and is the company that manages and administers the port of NAVIPE Platygiali of Astakos. The strategic position of the port, located in the middle of Western Greece and a short distance from the Suez-Gibraltar axis, makes it an important node in the logistics hub of cargo flows between the countries of the European Union and the East, while at the same time it is also a link between the countries of the Adriatic, the Balkans and the Black Sea.

Our Vision

The highlighting of NAVIPE Platygiali port in Astakos into a pioneering and transshipment center, offering competitive and quality services to national and international trade, while creating value for the company's personnel and shareholders.

Our Mission

To facilitate the transportation of goods by bringing the supply chain of the wider area in which the port operates, into the new era. To promote the economic and social well-being of the parties involved, taking into consideration the environment and the philosophy of the green development.

Our Values

Quality and consistency regarding the portfolio of the services provided, respect for the customer, care for the environment.

local Community

Participation in the cultural events of various organizations is manifested in the form of sponsorships to support events and local cultural actions.